Work has been topsy-turvy; this week our partner company on one of the current projects is here from Germany so that certain ideas (both technical and otherwise) can be sorted out. It’s been a lot of fun, especially since one of the visitors represents the merchandising part of the project.

It’s interesting to catch even these small glimpses of how toys, characters, and story have to play symbiotic roles for a project to be successful. This is my first real exposure to such things, so I’ve mostly kept my head down and just listened.

But I have better news than what’s going on at work: I finally have my Permanent Resident card for Canada! I’ve been a permanent resident since 1990, well before the cards were used, and the road to getting a card has been a trial, so I’m ecstatic that it’s all done. The benefit is that I can finally leave the country and return without having to carry a million and one documents proving that I who I say I am. I also don’t have to waste hours on returning, explaining to someone with no sense of humor why I don’t have my card.

I sense a New York shopping spree in my future, after Animation Mentor graduation in January.