It’s not official yet, but I handed in my last assignment at Animation Mentor and I should be able to access the Alumni server in a few weeks barring a failure in the final minutes. (I don’t think that’ll happen, though.)

I feel elated.

I’m not happy with my final short film. The basic problem was too many cooks in the kitchen. I couldn’t stick with my original idea, and what my ideas turned into was so far removed that I wasn’t clear on where the film was supposed to be going when I began Class 6. My mentor for Class 6 did a good job of helping me wrestle the short together, but I never lost the sense that I was doing an assignment instead of working towards something I wanted to say.

So here I am, at the end of it. I probably learned as much during Classes 5 and 6 as I did throughout the first four AM classes; Cal’s lectures in Class 5, where he supplimented our video lessons with experiences and notes of his own, were my favorite classes. I want to go over those notes again, because I think I want to get into Story as a discipline.

I’m feeling good. I’m thinking I’ll take some time off from animating in my own time, for at least a few weeks. Then, who knows?