We continue to push on at work. I reasoned out a few things about Maya’s internal workings this week (in particular, how references interact with each other), and I feel like, for the first time in all the years since I started using the program, that I might finally be getting used to it. That thought scared me.

On the Ramswoole front, I got an initial approval from my Mentor on using custom rigs and models. I need to have a test done using Briar (the main character) within the next week or two, though, and probably one with the Rock Titan done soon after. I have a working model of Briar already that’s unrigged, but I think I can have all but her face rigged up this week. Also need to change some of the model’s topology and fix her proportions but I think thats only an evening or two’s worth of work. Luckily because of how Blender uses rigs and applies them to meshes, I should be able to swap out my old model for the updated one I plan on creating when I get the new designs from my friend.

I also need to slightly redesign my current Wipix leg, reverse-foot IK setup for a character with animal legs.

The next challenge is the Rock Titan. I’ve been working on the design and I think he’s going to be modular now, with different rocks for different parts of his body. It’ll cut down on skinning time and I’ll also be able to have a bit more fun with his reveal.