I’m finally downloading the Windows 7 Beta right now. I tried a few times yesterday under Vista, as my desktop is only booted into XP when I have a straggling program that won’t run in the newer OS, and as I’ve said before on my blogs I quite like Vista. Every time I tried to download the beta, however, the ActiveX component I needed to get it going wouldn’t install.

So I booted into XP and the download is now running happily. I guess Microsoft still has a few things to work out.

After the last MacBook Pro fiasco and reinstalling from my Time Machine backup, Mail decided to fail on me. Again. It acted like I was a new user and lost all my old messages. Thankfully I haven’t deleted messages from my account on the server in a long time, so I can just re-download them, but this is a serious problem with the way Mail works that has bugged me for years. I switched this morning to Thunderbird, which I’ve gotten used to at work and which, while not pretty or as feature-rich as Mail, should suffice.

Wonder what that’s going to do to my iPhone syncing, but I suppose that’s a problem for another day. For now, back to work.