If you didn’t know, seeing the wrong side of sunrise means you were up too late. That was this morning. I guess my body thinks it caught up on enough sleep? The hell it has. I think I finally managed to get my eyes to stay shut at around 5am, which was about the time the local roosters began their daily song and dance.

Oh well. As I type this we’re on the way to el pulgero, apparently for fruit. I got a second 4-gig memory card yesterday after filling up the one I came with; never thought I’d be able to do that is such a short period of time, but switching to RAW cut the number of shots I can take in half. It’s be nice if RAW images could be saved with the same level of data, but with less megapixels.

I can’t wait to get to editing these shots, though. Maybe I’ll get some more good ones in a few.

… And I’m back! Found the coolest thing: a Singer button holer from (I think) the 50’s. Only cost me $15!