Testing the WordPress app on my iPhone before I cross the border on the way to the Buffalo airport. If you can see this, then it worked!

I have to say: apart from a few hitches and bad defaults, going with Yahoo hosting was a good choice. I was already with them for two of my domain names, and for email, and having all the services in the same place is a good feeling. Also, new email accounts I add to sugarandcyanide.com get the ability to be checked through both a regular pop3 server as well as through the standard Yahoo mail interface. That’s nifty.

So I’m off — I’m leaving my laptop at home and I’ll be basically unplugged for at least a week (it all depends on the interweb connection at Mom’s place, which may or may not be intermittent). Happy holidays, you. See you when I get back.

Or when I find an open Wifi spot and feel like posting again from my iPhone.